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Monique van Haeren: Data is het kloppend hart - Gegevens Knooppunt Groningen (GKG)

Governments increasingly seek each other out. You need each other for flooding, sustainability, vacancy, care and living. Sharing data speeds up the approach to these social challenges. The GKG meets this and connects supply and demand in this way.

Stadskanaal provides space
Monique van Haeren, spatial development and management manager at the Stadskanaal municipality, is enthusiastic about GKG. “Working together takes a lot of time,” she explains. “By linking information, we take faster steps in the collaboration. Data is just the beating heart. Consider the Measurement and Monitoring projects and the Water Chain Map. It requires commitment from employees but is very valuable in the collaboration and takes us further in our tasks. GKG simplifies the work process of the employees involved, after all, they get their information easily on the table and there is quicker mutual connection. More and more organizations provide information that can be linked to each other. That works well because sometimes one employee does not know what the other is doing, by linking different digital information together everything is clear. We give management the room to further shape that development. We want to keep the wind in our own sails. ”

What is Groningen Node Data
The GKG is a digital database in which the following components can be consulted:
• Soil quality
• Water
• Soil and subsurface
• Energy transition
• Environmental law (logging permit)
• Housing and care
• Safety
The following components are included for water:
• Water chain map
• Social tasks
o Climate adaptation and mitigation: stress tests
o Energy transition
o Implementation of the Environmental Act

o Meten en monitoren